Posted on: November 29, 2008 10:34 am

Fix This Team: Cincinatti Reds

This team really needs work and the postseason talent is there. I really thought the Reds could do some damage this year but I think Dusty Baker kinda ruined it. Here is what I would do to fix this team.

Willie Randolph should have been looked at by Cincy. Any sane person would want him over Dusty anyday.

Jerry Hairston Jr. would get resigned if I was GM. When he was healthy the team rolled and looked like a team. He also can play almost any position who want him to.

Michael Barrett may be able to solve short term problems. The Reds need a catcher and he is right there in the market. He can do the job while there is a young catcher developing in the minors.

What do you think about trading away Edwin? He can can hit really well but I would not miss his defense. Trading him for a pitcher prospect or a "Young Ready MLB Fielder". Replacing him could possibly be Russel Branyan or what about Joe Crede? Each also in free agency.

They outfield is a section of improvement also. Free agency would come into play again as I would look at Juan Rivera, Mark Kotsay, and Rocco Baldelli.

It's time to move forward with Arroyo just like Griffey and Dunn. I would trade him for someone who has established themsevles in the Majors. I would also explore the options in free agency. Mark Prior is a high risk/high reward possibity if the price is right. Carl Pavano may be able to re-establish hiself in Cincy which may also be risky IF the price is right. Oliver Perez would be tops on my list.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 10:02 am

How I Would Manage The Yankees Fielding & Lineup

This year there are many position battles. Who will take the last spot in the outfield? Who will start at first? The players in these battles are most likley Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Jason Giambi, and Shelley Duncan. Here is how I would set the postitions.

RF-Bobby Abreu

CF-Melky Cabrera

LF-Johnny Damon

3B-Alex Rodriguez

2B-Robinson Cano

1B-Shelley Duncan

SS-Derek Jeter

C-Jorge Posada

DH-Jason Giambi

I would have Damon as full time unless injured which will probably happen. That would have Matsui swith in. Otherwise, Matsui would be good to fill in for Giambi.

Going by my starters in the field, this is how my lineup would look.

1.Melky Cabrera

2.Derek Jeter

3.Robinson Cano

4.Alex Rodriguez

5.Bobby Abreu

6.Jorge Posada

7.Shellley Duncan

8.Johnny Damon

9.Jason Giambi

I think anyway you put the lineup it is solid al the way.


Posted on: March 14, 2008 5:17 pm

How I Would Manage This Years Yankee Pitching

This should be the best Yankee rotation we have had in a while if the Joba, Ian, and Phil live up to there full potential. Them added with Wang and Pettitte should be a great staff. Now on to how I would manage the Yankees pitching staff.

The locks for the rotation (in no order) are Andy Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy. I wish Joba was a lock but for obvious reason. Since he has not started a regular season big league game I can see why. He needs to get to where he can bring 7 innings. By doing that he and Mussina can switch off spots in the rotation. Example, Joba pitches on July 5 and then when it would be his turn on the 10 it would be Mussina's turn. During his stretch without starting he can relieve. It would be a good way to stretch out his innings. Hopefully he turns out along with the others. Let's hope for a good season. GO YANKS!

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